Sunday, 25 November 2012

Silvio Berlusconi and the spirit of '94

Saturday, November 24, 2012. Silvio Berlusconi might change his mint and run for prime minister, relaunching Forza Italia party and spirit, and (politically) killing his (former) heir apparent Angelino Alfano. Or he might not.

Forza Italia is born (Berlusconi)
The Spirit of '94
I won't run, I might run, I won't run, I might run... after a few turnabout, a couple of somersault, and at least one volte-face, Silvio Berlusconi declared that – after all - he may seek to run in 2013 election further deteriorating the chaotic situation in centre-right PdL party (People of Freedom).

"I am thinking about it.", replied the former Italian Prime Minister, when asked by reporters whether he was contemplating his return “to the playing field" next spring when parliamentary elections will take place (presumably on the 10th of March 2013), in order to pick a new Italian Prime Minister and government to take over from technocrat Mario Monti. Silvio Berlusconi has been talking to revive Forza Italia's spirit for a while, as the only way to redeem his party.

Angelino Alfano, secretary of the PdL, might have seen it coming, after the long negotiations over the party's primary election which could be altogether cancelled, in case the Cavaliere decided to run for PM (Alfano himself reportedly said that primaries "would not make much sense", in the event of SB presenting his list).

Angelino Alfano and (the spirit of) his creator
Apart for losing the spirit of '94 (when Berlusconi launched Forza Italia's project), one of the main concerns from the former Italian PM side is that the PdL's leadership might be taken over by former AN (Alleanza Nazionale, former party of Gianfranco Fini, former Berlusconi's heir apparent) politicians, a tough woman, formerly Berlusconi's devout friend Daniela Santanchè in the first line.

In the meanwhile – just to make things blurrier – Berlusconi former staunch evangelist and (former) raunchy TG4 news service's chief (and alleged bunga bunga party fellow) Emilio Fede resolved to found a new party (or "opinion movement" as the 81-year-old journalist calls it), dubbed “Vogliamo Vivere” (“We Want to Live”). 

Mr Fede decided to give birth to his own party last summer, during the sex scandal trial, where he is accused of abetting of prostitution, together with Lele Mora and Nicole Minetti. Fede said that the PdL is on track to become a “unsound” score. Allegedly Mr Berlusconi was unaware of the launch of the party.

Silvio Berlusconi's Judas kiss
Daniela Santanchè, from staunch ally, to enemy #1?
The PdL stands close to disintegration, undecided over a series of issues, like whether to support Monti's unpopular economic policies, or fight against them, whether to organise primary election, or ditch them, and so on.

Apparently (according to leaks gained by Italian paper La Repubblica) the last act of this vicissitude was a phone call from Silvio to Angelino: “Angelino, you know you've always been a like a son to me, but in few weeks I'll be relaunching Forza Italia. You're still in time to join the project. Leave those primary elections, don't follow the (AN) colonels.".

At the same time, the left parties (PD and SEL) managed to launch a primary election – today, November 25 – that could lead to a more solid political entity and represent the last nail in PdL's coffin.