Sunday, 9 June 2013

Berlusconi's army is not made only of women in skimpy clothes, as you might think. Look at the freedom fighters.

Saturday, 8 June, 2013. Rumour has it that the newly formed Freedom Army is recruiting youngsters from schools, as it is sufficient to be 16 to help Silvio Berlusconi fight the Twenty Years' War and a large number of crusaders is needed to defeat the hordes communists dwelling in the country.

The Freedom Army recruiting web page
The Freedom Army (Esercito della Libertà) – also known as “Esercito di Silvio” (“Silvio's Army”) – is new initiative created by the entrepreneur Simone Furlan, founded with the goal to recruit volunteer crusaders to defend the former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi from the continuous attacks from the judiciary, the communists, the anti-democratic forces and their allies.

A clearly example of the bad faith of the prosecutors is the fact that they accused Silvio's former lover Nicole Minetti of having had sex for money with the billionaire, whilst she was in love with him.

The jihad that the freedom fighters are expected to fight is the Twenty Years' War, a war clearly explained in a documentary broadcast by Mediaset's Canale 5, titled “The Twenty Years' War – Ruby's Last Act”.

Is this how Nicole Minetti would look like
if enlisted in the Freedom Army? 

The term was coined by the Berlusconi's broadcaster to prove that Berlusconi is not guilty of the charges moved by Milan's prosecutors during the so-called Ruby trial (from the name of Ruby the Heartstealer, the under-age stripper Silvio allegedly paid to sleep with). You can take Berlusconi's word for it, as the web page of the Berlusconi's broadcaster states or you can ask any of Silvio's fans

If you are familiar with the Italian language, you can also watch the documentary on Mediaset's site, and listen to a Berlusconi's employee explaining that Berlusconi is innocent. Just click here to get to the video.

Apparently the Freedom Army is pretty different form Silvio's bunga-bunga army (or bunga-bunga girls), which is not expected to be dissolved in the near future (and maintains it's scope).

If you are older then 16, you can enlist in the “Army to defend the president Silvio Berlusconi and fight alongside the War of Twenty years (conversely if you are a girl younger then 18 and enlist in the bunga-bunga army, you can cause a bit of an headache to Mr Berlusconi...). To recognize in him, in his mind, in his ideals and his actions. Of wanting to beat for freedom, for a free and democratic Italy.” Oddly enough the army has already a Wikipedia page in English, however it hasn't an Italian one

The number of recruited people jumped up quite quickly up to over 17,000 (similar miracle happened to the Twitter account of the former prime minister, back in January this year), cannot say the same about the official Facebook page liked by a meager platoon of 316 soldiers (perhaps it is already a dimension of a company or a battalion, but it might not be enough for Silvio's holy war). Actually the fake Facebook page of the Freedom Army is doing better! Will the army last in time, or end up like the Freedom TV launched by read-headed Vittoria Michela Brambilla in 2007 end closed down 12 month later?

Anyhow, the fight rumbles on.