Saturday, 20 July 2013

Berlusconi's associates follow Silvio and collect jail terms for sex-related charges

Friday, 19 July 2013. After Silvio Berlusconi's conviction to a 7-year term in prison, three of his associates – Emilio Fede, Lele Mora and Nicole Minetti – receive their share as a Milan's court finds them guilty of aiding and abetting prostitution.

Nicole Minetti in court (here you can find out-of-the-court photos of Nicole Minetti 
Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was the first to be convicted in connection with the infamous bunga-bunga parties, he has been sentenced to seven years, together with a lifetime ban on holding public office.

Berlusconi's sentenced was based on charges of abuse of power (as a PM) and paying for sex a minor prostitute, namely the 17-year-old Moroccan nightclub dancer Karima El Mahroug (generally known as Ruby the Heartstealer).

Berlusconi denies having had sex for money at all (with any woman in the world, for that matters: he does not need any money to lay females!), denies abuse of power charges (it was just a nice phone call to a police station, to ask agents to release Ruby the Heartstealer, saying that she was the granddaughter of
Egypt's president Mubarak, “what's wrong with that?” asks Silvio), and states that leftists and Communists are attacking him because they are not able to get rid of him politically (Silvio might have a point here...).

Emilio Fede (right) out of the court
Anywho, now three of Mr Berlusconi's underlings have received their share (during the second part of the Rubygate sex-scandal trial, the Ruby 2.0), having been involved in the organisation of the infamous bunga-bunga parties in the Arcore's villa of the billionaire turned into politician.

Hordes of young women were hired for after-dinner shows there, among them a number of professional prostitutes and escorts (but, all in all, aren't we all whores?, said Giuliano Ferrara).

Berlusconi says all those girls and women participated it “innocent” and “decent” parties. Prosecutors, some magistrates, and a part of the public opinion have a different - well - opinion.

Lele Mora, (right) with one of the bunga-bunga girls,
Francesca Cipriani (left)
The three characters are Emilio Fede (a newscaster of Berlusconi's broadcaster Rete 4 – Channel 4), who was sentenced to a 7-year term, (showbiz agent) Gabriele “Lele” Mora, who also was convicted to 7 years, and Nicole Minetti (dental hygienist, model, politician and – allegedly – former girlfriend of Berlusconi), sentenced to five years in jail.

The verdict adds embarrassment to Silvio Berlusconi's legal woes and contributes to further compromise the fragile coalition (mainly Berlusconi's People of Liberty - PdL - and Letta's Democratic Part, aka PD) government led by Enrico Letta, already in trouble due to the so-called Ablyazov case and the orang-utan case.

Next September Silvio Berlusconi will try and start a new life by reviving the good old Forza Italia movement, ditching the PdL and forget about the past. Alternatively - if public office ban will be confirmed - he might seek his fortune abroad...