Saturday, 17 August 2013

Berlusconi and the seaside blitz

Thursday, 15 August 2013 (Assumption of Virgin Mary). As Silvio Berlusconi's lawyers announce they could ask the – otherwise puzzled – head of State Giorgio Napolitano to pardon the former prime minister, a flock of aeroplanes show up on the crowded Italian beaches to spur the support for the disgraced politician.

The "Blitz" seen from Santanchè&Briatore's Twiga beach club
Frenzy weeks ahead in Italy, after Silvio Berlusconi has finally been convicted for tax fraud at the beginning of the month, a sentence that could bring the former prime minister political power to an end (and leave the centre-right hunting for a new leader).  

A protest in Rome was organised in order to express frustration against the Communists-led judiciary, while Beppe Grillo's 5SM is working hard in order to try and strip Silvio Berlusconi of his knighthood and bring the Senate to expel him.

Silvio's historical enemy, the Enrico Letta-led Democratic Party (PD), after waiting for ages to defeat their nemesis... is now an ally of Berlusconi's People of Freedom Party (PdL), in a coalition cabinet. They are currently staging a dumb show.

Daniela Santanchè taking pictures
As announced a few days ago by the right-wing newspaper Libero, Silvio Berlusconi and his associates are launching a kind of counterattack, in order to spur and gather his support all over the country, trying to convince the president of Italy to save him – somehow – for reasons of the widespread popularity and solidarity among the Italian people.

The first act of war was a seaside “blitz”, since Italians do not watch TV nor goes to the cinemas in August. «Forza Italia, Forza Silvio» (Let's Go Italy, Let's Go Silvio) read the 25x1 metre large banners pulled by the nine aeroplanes, during the «Blitz» over the most known beaches of Italy.

Reply to the "Blitz"
One of the fiercest defenders of Mr Berlusconi (and one of his favourite women, as he was quoted saying she's a «a nice piece of ass»), Daniela Santanchè, was at the Twiga beach club (she's one of the owners, together with Flavio Briatore) of Marina di Pietrasanta, in Tuscany's Versilia, taking pictures, instigating crowds and taking a sunbath.

Head of M5S MPs Vito Crimi appealed to his movement supporters to reply with a “V” to be traced in the sand, initial of “vaffanculo” (“F*** off” in Italian), others wrote “Grazia un cazzo” (“Pardon my ass”) on the beach. The fight lingers on, and in autumn it is going to further escalate. But, at least, nobody tried to shoot them down...